Government Relations

Legislative and administrative decisions have an impact on all aspects of our lives. Zatz & Renfrew Consulting works with organizations and businesses to build collaborative relationships with government officials and community leaders regarding laws, regulations, and policy initiatives.


  • Legislative drafting and tracking
  • Sponsorships of bills and amendments
  • Committee consideration of bills
  • Legislative committee hearings
  • Administrative meetings
  • Coalition building
  • Testimony preparation and presentation
  • Legislative and administrative liaison
  • Coordination of organization lobby days
  • Community and media outreach

Public Policy Strategy Development

  • Strategy planning, design, and implementation
  • Goal development
  • Coalition building
  • Research
  • Legislative process training
  • Message development

 Electoral Campaign Consulting

  • Campaign finance and state election law research
  • Strategic planning
  • Issue research
  • Direct mail, phone banking, and door-to-door programs
  • Media relations

Community Outreach

Organizations, businesses, government agencies, and the public must develop collaborative strategies and practices to improve policy objectives and outcomes. Zatz & Renfrew Consulting provides a range of services to assist in facilitating community outreach and achieving common goals.

Program Development and Implementation

  • Policy and issue research
  • Assessment of goals, objectives, and outcomes
  • Development and implementation of program plan
  • Resource development and capacity building.
  • Grassroots organizing
  • Coalition building
  • Communication development

Media Relations

  • Message development and targeting
  • Media advertising
  • Press conferences
  • Editorials and letters to the editor
  • Coverage tracking and reporting
  • Promotional materials and publication editing

Conference and Event Planning

Event coordination requires detailed planning and design. Zatz & Renfrew Consulting has extensive experience in coordinating high quality, professional conferences, meetings, and events.

  • Strategy/planning meetings
  • Coordination of venue and other logistical needs
  • Selection of speakers and development of workshops
  • Design of program and promotional materials
  • Securing sponsorships and exhibitors
  • Participant and volunteer outreach
  • Media outreach
  • Program evaluation


Businesses, organizations, and government entities provide trainings through speakers, workshops, and courses related to workplace skills, leadership, communications, and other project-specific issue areas. Zatz & Renfrew Consulting has facilitated many trainings, workshops and courses in Vermont, New Hampshire, California, and Ottawa, Canada.


  • Effective advocacy techniques
  • Legislative process – how a bill becomes a law
  • State House tours
  • Legislative role-playing and the skill of negotiation
  • Meetings with government officials
  • Hands-on lobbying experience
  • Legislative research
  • Professional conduct


  • Personal skills, talents, and challenges
  • Networking
  • Diversity
  • Mentoring and outreach

Voter Education

  • Importance and impact of voting
  • Outreach to diverse populations
  • Outreach to disenfranchised populations