Our Record

Public Policy Record – State of Vermont 1999-2015

Health and Mental Health Care

Expansion of services covered by health insurance
Access to reproductive and maternal health care
Creation of Birth Information Network
Access to mental health and substance abuse providers
Insurance and Medicaid coverage for naturopathic physicians
Prohibition of the use of BPA
Smoking cessation programs for pregnant women
Safe nurse staffing and quality patient care
State funding for HIV/AIDS services, medication, and prevention
Regulation of medical marijuana
Confidentiality of HIV reporting and testing
Creation of needle exchange programs
Insurance coverage for midwifery services
Elimination of the immunization philosophical exemption
Smoking limits in certain facilities and lands
Reform of involuntary treatment and medication laws

Criminal Justice

State funding for domestic and sexual violence programs
Expansion of abuse prevention orders
Expansion of listed crimes
Computer and internet crime penalties
Creation of the crime of hazing
Laws to prevent exploitation of the elderly
Expansion of sex offender registry
Penalties for use of date rape drugs
Community notification of sex offenders
Domestic Violence Fatality Review Commission
Laws against human trafficking
Laws against voyeurism
Payment for medical examinations for victims of sexual assault
Child protections from abuse and neglect
Creation of the Amber Alert Program
Expansion of restitution and victim’s compensation programs
Funding for Community Justice Centers
Expungement of criminal charges in certain circumstances
Limited immunity from liability for reporting a drug or alcohol overdose
Civil forfeiture proceedings in cases of animal cruelty
Expansion of illegal possession of firearms laws
Prohibitions of disclosure of sexually explicit images without consent
Elimination of an abusive parent’s rights when a child was conceived from sexual assault
Address confidentiality for victims of domestic and sexual violence and stalking

Professional Regulation

Independent practice of Advanced Practice Registered Nurses
Licensing of Speech Language Pathologists and Audiologists
Licensing of Applied Behavior Analysts
Licensing of Social Workers
Licensing of Midwives
Prescriptive rights for Naturopathic Physicians

Substance Abuse Prevention and Treatment

Funding for treatment of opiate addiction
Health insurance parity for mental health and substance abuse
Acupuncture detoxification certification
Increase in funding for substance abuse services
Funding for community recovery centers
Pretrial services related to mental health and substance abuse


Long-term Care

Increase in funding for adult day services
Transportation to adult day programs
Medicaid reimbursement rate increases


Protection of conservation easements
Regulation of toxic substances

Civil Rights

Creation of the first civil union law in the nation
Preventing harassment and bullying in schools
Prohibiting discrimination on the basis of gender identity
Transgender non-discrimination in health insurance policies
Expansion of hate crimes law to include gender identity
Rent-to-own consumer protection laws


Early education funding and policies
Higher education funding


Whistleblower protection for health care workers
Increases in minimum wage
Collective bargaining for Court and Defender General employees
Employee work breaks
Family Leave Act
Standards for privatization of state jobs
Protections against assault of health care workers

Election Reform

Public financing of election campaigns
Early voter absentee ballots
National Popular Vote process for the presidential race
Implementation of the federal Help America Vote Act
Creating a paper ballot trail
Lobbyist disclosure reform
Access to public records

Other Accomplishments


Multigenerational Women’s Conferences
California Women’s Law Center Silent Auction
Annual Town Meeting Conferences
Crime Victim Awareness Week Awards Ceremony
PATCH Community Partnership Conference
Restorative Justice Annual Conference
Marion Gray Memorial Scholarship Fund: Women’s History Month Contest


Woodbury College Advocacy course and workshops
Legislative Advocacy workshops

Program Development

Williams Institute National Judicial Training Program
Generation to Generation Multigenerational Program
Emergency preparedness for people with disabilities
Adoption awareness and education


Lintilhac Foundation – Reproductive health care; environment
Gilead Foundation – HIV/AIDS Prevention
Gill Foundation – LGBT Conference
Haymarket Foundation – Public access news television show

Coalition Building

Statewide substance abuse treatment coalition
Substance-free recovery community center
Women’s health care collaborative
Equality grassroots network
Women’s Vote Campaign
Diversity Alliance and Resource Guide
Community Justice Network of Vermont
Vermont Immunization Action Network

Electoral Campaigns

Vermont Secretary of State campaign
Vermont Lieutenant Governor campaign
California Judicial campaigns

Labor Organizing

Court and public defender personnel
Contract bargaining negotiations

Media and Community Outreach

Weekly news television show
Letters to the editor campaigns
Press releases and press conferences
Quarterly immunization newsletter